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Welcome to my Kite Zone, this is planned to be the most dynamic section of my website and will be updated regularly - please come back to see how the seasons progress.

I have split my Kite Zone into several main sections;

Intro                   A little about my flying history

Projects              My on going kite construction projects

Other Kites         My purchased kites

Festival Gallery   The festivals I attend since I started these projects

Kiting Friends      A new section to my site, with details of my kiting friends


Some people ask 'why do you fly kites and go to kite festivals?', I've borrowed my answer from Rob - 'I go to kite festivals to talk to the friends I haven't met yet'. The 2001 festival gallery index page contains a list of festivals I am hoping to attend during 2001.

A lot of my kite building has been in conjunction with Rob (see Introduction) and he has built his own site - Rob's Kitestuff - with a lot more detail on the history and people behind the tetrahedron kites. 

I did consider adding a links page, but as the ultimate kiting links page is probably on Peter's Kite Site, I will simply refer to his links page - WWW Kites Pointers

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