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This is a mix of a links and thanks page, to the various friends I have made kite flying, and I hope that the odd picture or two will also find their way here.

Rob Thomlinson
I've got to start off with Rob really, seeing as we've known each other since cubs:
Terry Pearson
Rob and I met Terry at Southsea (Portsmouth) in 1999. Although I do not know if he has a website, he sent me some wonderful photo's of his latest creation, which I hope to see flying soon.   


       Terry's new Rokkaku, flown at Southampton (2000) - I will setup a separate page for Terry when I have some more images of his kites.

Bob Hogan
Another friend from Southsea, a member of KONE (Kites Over New England), who has built his own set of tetra's {may they be the first of many ;-)  }.

Helen Harris
A new friend from Weymouth in 2000, 
Brian Curtis
A proud new owner/builder of some tetra's.
Paul Mellows

Another proud new owner/builder of some tetra's


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