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Bélier (Ram) Delta

The Bélier high aspect delta kite was developed by Martin Powell, of the Northern Kite Group, in the 1980's.

The name 'Bélier' is French for Aries the Ram, as the early prototypes of this kite had the habit of knocking other kites out of the sky.

I have used the plan from 'Kites', by Ron Moulton and Pat Lloyd (ISBN 1-85486-143-3), although many versions are available off the Internet.

Martin's original version was 2.44m wing span, but most of the versions I have built have been half that, and fly very well in light and strong winds. My first attempt, the pink and yellow version, won the altitude sprint on Sunday at the 2000 Portsmouth Kite festival in about 15 to 20 knots of breeze - unbelievably, I flew it off the cotton line for my Indian fighter kites and it didn't snap; although I did nearly run out of the ~400m on the reel.

I have since made the 'B2' version - so named because the shape resembles a B2 Stealth bomber, but also because it was made of a Bin Bag. Yes, a run of the mill bin bag was the lightest material I could find, but the spars are currently 3mm ramin dowel and need changing to 1.5 or 2mm carbon fibre for light weight flying.


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