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Synergetic 333

This is what is known as a 'tensionary' kite - the spars, fabric and tension lines cross each other but do not touch (except at the ends). This gives a very tough construction which can take quite a bit of punishment as stresses are transferred through the whole kite when it lands hard.

I was introduced to this kite by Adena Schutzburg at the Portsmouth International Kite festival 1999 - she also belongs to Kites Over New England (ref. Bob Hogan in the Tetrahedron project) and was in the UK on business.

After several futile minutes trying to fly this strange 3 lined kite, I admitted defeat, but was intrigued enough to search it out on the internet. This resulted in me not only finding it, but buying 6! 3 were for Rob and 3 for me. We got two each of the 29" 333 models and one each of the 13" indoor versions.

The mode of flight takes a little getting used to, but I can keep them aloft in a moderate breeze, and am even getting to grips with flying one in each hand - but that needs a lot more practice yet.



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