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Weymouth International Kite Festival,

6th and 7th May 2001

Sun, sea, sand and wind - lots of wind!

This years festival had even more wind than last year - from the north east, straight across the bay, so steadier than last year. It was a bit cloudy on Sunday, but clear on Monday.

beach view1.jpg (53622 bytes)    beach view2.jpg (83049 bytes)    beach view3.jpg (125541 bytes)    beach view4.jpg (105288 bytes)


The new Tetrahedron Flyers banner    banner3.jpg (66850 bytes)
paul and his new rok.jpg (172337 bytes)    Paul and his new SAS Rok, at East Fleet Farm (very good facilities)


dragon and dragon fly.jpg (115864 bytes)    lobster.jpg (47524 bytes)    cross.jpg (262192 bytes)    dragon2.jpg (121744 bytes)

beached whale1.jpg (87255 bytes)    beached whale2.jpg (70504 bytes)
Although not clear from the pictures, there are about 12 people inside the mouth of the killer whale to keep it firmly on the ground


tetras2.jpg (69931 bytes)    inverted v.jpg (37115 bytes)    tetras.jpg (84038 bytes)    disassembly.jpg (171516 bytes)
Rob made a very interesting inverted 'V' construct, while I built a more standard 40 cell pyramid


dream catcher1.jpg (90268 bytes)    dream catcher2.jpg (79579 bytes)    drean catcher3.jpg (99648 bytes)
This 'dream catcher' caught my eye - the wolf's head is all appliquéd 


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