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Tewkesbury Kite Fun Weekend

26th to 28th May 2000


Well, I nearly messed this weekend up completely - I nearly broke my ankle on Friday, just before I set out for Tewksbury, so was not really up to standing let alone driving. Fortunately my parents re-organised their weekend to help and came down to me to lend a hand. 

Rob had managed to book the last remaining place on Helen's kite appliqué workshop, making a Tsugaru kite, so my parents taxied me along on Sunday.

Therefore, I would like to thank Mary Jones for this first set of images, which she very kindly sent me.

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Helen's Tsugaru workshop

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Mary's 16 cell tetrahedron


The following images of Helen's workshop group, and my 'effort', are courtesy of my father:

Dsc00015.jpg (30836 bytes)    Dsc00016.jpg (127875 bytes)    Dsc00018.jpg (127545 bytes)    Dsc00021.jpg (139536 bytes)

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