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Portsmouth International Kite Festival,

29th & 30th August 2000


Not living too far from Portsmouth gave me, and my parents, the luxury of not driving to Portsmouth until after the torrential rain on Saturday morning. The wind was extremely blustery, and probably between 15 and 20 knots when you got a kite more than about 30 feet off the ground. Due to the wind, and lack of good depth you can get anchor points into Southsea Common, we were allowed to use the cars as anchor points - although I did think Andy's big pink Octopus could have taken his at any time!    

In fact the large square kites (above) being flown by the French contingent (regular visitors to the festival) did drag one of the large concrete anchor points - even though they had also hammered in a 1m steel bar through it!

The 16 cell tetra below my 64 is Terry Pearson's; the second 16 cell tetra is from our French friends.


Rob is getting more adventurous with his rainbow beams.


I must apologize, I cannot remember the name of the lady above, and her wonderful Peacock kite.

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