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Southampton International Kite Festival,

24th & 25th June 2000


My 'home' festival  :-)

The weather was partly cloudy with light winds, such that I couldn't keep the tetrahedrons airborne - on Sunday we built (me & dad) a standard 64 cell tetra, and displayed it in the corner of the arena. 

With the filling in of the sea breeze late on Sunday afternoon we were asked if we could get it to fly in the arena, which we did.

Unfortunately I did not get many pictures...

    A 54 cell beam (on Saturday)

Terry's new Welsh Dragon Rokkaku   

The tails off this delta's line are about 100ft long; they, the kite and the colourful line were made by Carl Robertshaw (many times World Cup Sport Kite Team champion and ace flyer etc)

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