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Portsmouth International Kite Festival, 

28th - 30th August 1999

Definitely the main festival of 1999 for us, fantastic hot'n'sunny weather with light southerly winds - sometimes too light, but we made the most of it.

      Rob in a 64 cell construction    
Photo: Maureen Broad

Photo's: Terry Pearson              

Two images by Terry, our 'neighbor' on Southsea common, showing the vertical orientation of the cell layout we tried, which looks very good when flying.

   The 64 cell construction flying    
Photo: Tony Broad

Photo's: Maureen Broad               
Just to prove that different shapes could be made, this is a 29 cell vertical construction.

I also made a 16 cell horizontal beam (unfortunately I have no images), which I flew on two lines - a definite novelty, as you pulled the left line to turn right and the right to turn left.

Photo's: Tony Broad                           

A solid faced 35 cell construction and a 16 cell construction.

The 35 cell 'solid' has over 40 extra spars fitted to hold it's shape.

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