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Old Warden Kite Festival, 

9th April 2000


I'm not sure what I should say about this event; the weather started off overcast, but cleared to bright sunshine with about 12 to 15 knots of blustery breeze - definitely beautiful flying weather. However, there were very few flyers and only 2 stalls; this gave us fantastic flying weather with plenty of space.



Of course the Tetra's were up, a 16 and 40 cell construction; although the wind caused its toll on the 40 cell version when on the ground - snapping 6 spars when it blew over.

Below is a selection of of kites being flown; sorry I do not have the names of all the flyers only my mum with the Synergy 333.


As you can see, there were probably only about 20 or so flyers; but we could say 'quality is better than quantity...'

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