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JCB Open Day,

17th June 2000

  jcbgroup.jpg (107321 bytes)  

Not a formal kite festival, but C.A.K.E.S. had been invited to display, and advertised it in the Kite Flier magazine. There were about 20 of us flying kites, with about six or seven in the sky most of the time.

The JCB open day is a when the factory opens its doors to the public, with the proceeds going to charity - this year was for the NSPCC 'full stop' campaign, JCB staff had started 12 months ago with a target of raising 1,000,000 which would then doubled by JCB themselves (the target was reached about 4.30pm). It was possibly the last 'open day' (it disrupts the factory for more than 1 week) and probably the last outing of the 'Dancing Diggers'.


    Rob building a 52 cell beam   

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