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Barmouth Beach Weekend,

29th & 30th July 2000


The Barmouth Beach Weekend was a fantastic time - not only did we have an extremely large (mostly empty) beach to fly on, we also had beautiful sunny weather and light to moderate winds. Unfortunately, this was not conducive to flying large tetrahedrons, but that did not stop a large number of other kites from being flown (including a large number of Circoflex's).



Not only have I built a new tetra using the Tetrahedron Flyers logo, I also put the logo onto my 2m white Baden-Powell (so that I could find it on cloudy days!)

Rob's 'panel' of tetra's.

My "Tetra Plane"        


A new black 1m Baden-Powell, to replace the one I lost at the JCB event, and Paul Foreshaw's "Angry Tweetie Pie"!

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